This is a free app available on Apple or Android that brings all your prayer points together. 

Praying Paul’s Prayers

Here are 30 of Paul’s prayers so that you could use one each day to help you pray. 

Valley of Vision

A collection of puritan prayers and devotions. Available from The Good Book Company or

Prone to Wander

A book designed to help lead us in confession and celebration. Available from

Praying the Light

Andrew Case has put together a practical book designed to help you pray the Bible for your own life. Available in paperback from Amazon or as a free download.

Water of the Word & Prayers of an Excellent Wife

In these books Andrew Case helps husbands and wives to intercede for one another biblically and faithfully. They are available individually or as a 2-for-1 from or as a free download.

Setting their Hope in God

In this book Andrew Case helps parents to intercede biblically for their children. Available as a free download.

As a church we meet to pray throughout the week. Find more details here